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What is web disk?

Webdisk is a feature in your Web Hosting which is a drag-and-drop interface in cPanel of your web hosting account provided by WebSouls, which allows you to access your website files as if it is a local drive of your computer or your handheld devices (Andriod/iOS).

How to create a web disk user in cPanel?

Assuming that you have already logged in to your cPanel of your Web Hosting account provided by the best Web Hosting Company in Pakistan, please follow below steps in order to create a web disk user.


Let's take the first step and click on web disk feature as shown in below image;


Please type the details and click on create as shown in below image;

After following the above steps you have successfully created a web disk user. We hope that the above article was beneficial for you. If yes, why not to give us a thumbs up and let us motivate us in order to provide best services in the industry of web hosting in Pakistan.

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