Are you able to receive emails but not send? If you aren't able to send this usually means one thing... your internet provider is blocking you... Can I enable Spam Assassin on one email address only? No, you can't. When SpamAssassin is enabled it will affect all mail to [email protected].... Can I get a dedicated IP to avoid server blacklisting? With shared and reseller hosting, there are other people using your mail server. This means that... Common Outlook Error codes 0x800CCC65 -- This error code is indicative that a local firewall such as Zone Alarm or... Email returned, Blacklisted or Rejected by Recipient Note: We can only fix this if the block is against the entire server. If the block is... Exporting and importing contacts through Webmail You can import a contact list to Horde. Go to the Address Book icon at the top and click the... Fetching emails in Horde Horde, one of our web-based email programs, consists of an option which allows you to get emails... How do I Use Webmail? For Cpanel Account: OR OR... How does email work? What is POP3/SMTP? The ability to provide email services to clients includes two main functions: SMTP and POP3.... How to Block unwanted emails ? From time to time, you may experience either a junk mailer or some other menacing individual who... How to Create Email Account in cPanel? Follow these steps to create an email account in cPanel:  1. Log in to your cPanel > section... How to create/delete an E-Mail forwarder mail address upon receipt. To create e-mail forwarder €™s, please do the following: We do have a... Incomming Mail Server (POP3) settings Your Incoming mail server or POP3 mail settings should be: Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) Settings Our outgoing or SMTP mail server setting is : is your... Setting Up Email for the Blackberry You can definitely set up your Blackberry to use email.To get to the email setup site:If there... Tips To Keep Your Passwords Safe What are these cur, new, and temp folders in my mail directory? cPanel currently only supports Maildir. Maildir works with Courier. Maildir is a directory that...
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