We all love using latest apps. And mostly we all prefer using free one’s. So here we have made a list for all tech geeks to have a look at the four best free apps for iPads. You can use these apps for daily work. Such as translating foreign language, or improving your vocal skills or public speaking skills. Or maybe improving your calculation skills of mathematics. So scroll down and learn more!


Here is the much awaited list of a variety of app which you can use to get maximum benefit. Happy using!

1- Spin Spell

Spin Spell is basically an app to make your kids happy. It is 3D mobile game which will help your children learn to spell the words. It basically makes learning a fun activity. Spin spell also helps in improving their eyes and hand coordination which is a great aid in this fun learning activity.

2- Activate Your Voice

Ever wanted to improve your public speaking skills? Or wanted to be a better speaker with good fluency and rhetoric? Here is the app for you! Install activate your voice and it will help you in this regard. It takes five minutes and improves your speaking tone, energizes you. And also maintains your articulation and enunciation.

3- CALC Swift

It makes maths fun! Nobody likes doing multiple calculations on the traditional calculators. It is actually a super efficient, multi functional calculator which makes sure you enjoy doing maths. It has a custom keyboard, , base computations and unlimited combinations of fonts, colors and sizes.

4- Multi Translate Voice: Say It

It is a professional level language translator. You can use this brilliant app to translate any language into three languages at a single time. It’s awesome! It will translate and also give you the exact pronunciation in those languages.





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