If you are thinking of getting a hands-on programming or to become a first-rate developer than languages are a must. But the question is which languages do you need to learn? We did a deep research and voting from the users and assembled the list of the following eleven programming languages which need to be on your learning list.


So a massive poll response was developed to get to know about the top used programming languages among the developers. Almost ten thousand poll results gave us a conclusion for the top three languages.

  1. JavaScript
  2. Python
  3. Java

This means JavaScript needs to be on your tips if you are looking to get established as a favorite developer of clients.


According to the best web development trends, it has been found out that JavaScript is one of the most important programming languages at the moment. It was developed in 2017.


2- Java

Java is the oldie goldie web programming language for programmers. According to an estimate, almost fifteen billion devices and more than ten million developers are using Java around the globe. These statistics are enough to emphasize it’s importance. You need to learn java if you want to develop games, android apps, website content, and software.

3- Python

Python is similar to English language and it is an object-oriented language. This makes sure you do not find it much difficult to learn. The sites which are currently using python are Youtube, Instagram, Reddit, and NASA.



4- Elixir

Elixir is created to build scalable and maintainable applications. One of the best benefits it has to offer is concurrency. Also, it allows handling many tasks simultaneously.

5- Rust

This programming language creates fast and secure applications which can help working of multi-core processors. Dropbox and Coursera are developed on this.

6- Go

Go or commonly known as the googly one grew famous in 2017. It is super awesome with concurrent tasks and offers a super efficient standard library which helps in compiling fast. It is used by Youtube, Netflix, and Adobe.

7- TypeScript

It is actually a language that is typed to compile JavaScript. Its new version includes all features of JavaScript with optional static types.

8- PHP

It is one of the most popular web programming languages in the world. PHP is usually used for the foundation of content management systems.

9- Ruby On Rails

We recommend you to first get knowledge of ruby before using rails. It is usually a preferred choice for different businesses. Also, make sure you have a good knowledge of JavaScript as well.

10- C#

It is yet again one of the most famous programming languages used ever. It is used in Android and iOS. C# uses the technology from Xamarin and Windows applications.

11- HTML

It is the one you need to learn if you are a beginner in this. It is for the simple layout of websites. HTML5 is creating simple, beautiful websites with very less coding. We recommend you to learn it from udemy courses.


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